Kaerdal Fenae

Mistress of Herbology and Alchemy, Chief Chef of the Academy


Fire Genasi Alchemist 10


Like many of her ifrit kin, she is very passionate about whatever strikes her fancy at the time and very emotional. Her greatest passion is experimental cooking, which is what originally led to her alchemist interests when she was forced by her village to seek training after a dish containing 12 types of peppers and three other herbs caused those who ate it to actually breathe fire. A distant yet still devoted interest in her is teaching, primarily trying to find other disciples for her unique school of cooking that seeks to overwhelm the senses with flavor until they cry in bliss (or pain, for some) , but extending to general knowledge of the field now that the Headmaster has given her a vast supply of materials to experiment with and (willing?) subjects in exchange for her expertise.

Kaerdal Fenae

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