Valos Miirym

Aasimar Wizard 12


Female Aasimar Wizard (Transmutation-Enhancement) 12


A particularly stern and no nonsense example of the stricter stereotypes of the aasimar, Valos tends to avidly enforce the rules upon troublemaking students with a firm but fair hand, following the book to the letter in all but extraordinary cases. Hired on originally to teach various arts of magical enchantment and working with artifacts, the Headmaster became impressed with her dependability and sense of hard work, and despite personal differences hired her to act as Deputy Headmistress and aid in dealing with administrative affairs, thinking her best channeled to the school’s benefit in dealing with alumni, donors, and city officials as much as anything, though she still teaches and seems likely to remain a fixture of the Academy for decades to come.

Valos Miirym

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