Deities of the World

Asmodeus – domination, law and order, meritocratic/logical rule

Belial – struggle for power, seduction, romance

Mammon – avarice, hoarding, trade

Graz’zt – demon lord of conquest and lust

Lamashtu – mother of beasts

Malcanthet and Nocticula and Shami-Amourae – triplets fighting over portfolio of queen of desire, trickery, plotting

Hanali/Danu/Angharradh (maiden/mother/crone) – nature, cycle of life, female

Valkauna – earth,runes,lore

Loviatar – pain, self improvement, struggle

Xan Yae – death and undeath, immortal perfection, vampiric hungers

Deities of the World

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