Idyllic shire style village populated primarily by aasimar of halfling descent and a few oread on the eastern main continent. Town is set in a particularly hilly area along the length of a
fairly wide river that is mostly shallow except for certain parts. River runs east down
from a very tall collection of hills crowned by a small forest with a central lake; river
turns into a waterfall partway down the hill with another smaller lake at the base. The
top lake is largely open to the air and has many rare flowers grow surrounding it during
the fall.The forest along the upper hills is largely a collection of fruit trees such as
cherries, plums, and apples, with some maples lower down and a small trio of ancient yews
crowning the hill. During the spring and parts of the summer the area mists over,
sometimes quite heavily foggy in the early hours. The river runs a long way slowly
descending towards the coast, forming a marshy flat in a low lying valley some few miles
from the central area of the village.

There is a small cave behind the waterfall reaching some 30 feet back and 40 wide. The few
halfling children that know of it like to take picnics and occasionally play games shortly
behind the falls, and the adults generally ‘forget’ as they age and allow the place to
remain a childs secret haven : the one exception being the two nights before a wedding,
where the groom and then bride respectively spend a night in the cave and bathe in the
falls due to custom immemorial.

A fairly wide, hard packed road runs north and south through the area of the village
proper, leading in the north to a larger town surrounded by a lake populated by sylphs and
undines. To the south the road runs to a mountain chain populated by several oread clans
that often visit the village. The southern road forks and a smaller, less well
kept road leads east along the river but going around the edge of the worst of the marsh,
ending at a still soggy bay area populated mostly by a scattered collection of fishing
villages and one small town that services the few boats that stop in the area as well as
several smugglers and bandits.

The area of the village is fairly large due to the scattered nature of the outlying farms,
ranches, and houses placed primarily wherver there was a good hill or a particularly
fertile spot of land. Closer to the river the homes become more dense, with a two story
inn partly built into a hill (one of the very few aboveground buildings) servicing
merchants with rooms and locals with dancing and meals, particularly local soups as well
as the specialty rice wine and rice-wrapped fish. A general store occupies another hill
near to the inn, and a school connected by tunnel to the teachers home is not too distant
from the village green. This central area where the river and road cross is marked by a
wide field of flowers with an ancient fountain in the center, along with a pair of small
wells near the inn. Village festivals are primarily held in and around this area every few

The main products of the village vary depending on the area, with several locals tending
the wild herbs and fruit trees and bushes near the wooded upper hills, many families in
the area growing small patches of root vegetables and mushrooms in or near their homes in
special rooms, a wide collection of farms raising ????(cow/sheep mix) and peacocks?, a
variety of fisherfolk living along the bountiful river, one ranch known for many miles
around for the famous chocobo’s it raises, and the outlying farms on the outer edge of the
marsh’s start growing wild saffron rice and certain especially rich mushrooms.


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